Meat and Fish

Fish and meat, just cook and eat

Back to thousands  years ago men were hunting animals or were fishing. For that time the Meat and Fish were the main products they could get. And, now, when it comes to 2017, it remains to be the most significant and nourishing meal. There is no such a fest or celebration, which could dispense with these products. Meat сontains not only a large number of nutrients and protein, but also vitamins A, B and D. Fish, in its turn, reduces the risk of heart disease, and also is rich on protein. Even though this delicacy may be very pricy, it is worth buying it and testing in various recipes.

The recipe book counters so many different meat and fish dishes, that you might be lost. But we`ve preserved the most exclusive and good ones. You can cook it at various important events as well as at home in the family circle.

Chicken roll with prunes

A pungent flavor of the chicken roll with prunes One can cook plenty of dishes made of the chicken breast. For example, chicken – fried steaks, schnitzel, and sauces. You can bake the chicken breast in an oven, or roast it or stew it. But the chicken roll with prunes in the oven has proved […]


Fish loaf

Fish loaf cooked with love Nowadays, there are a lot of variants how to cook the different dishes with bread. For example, one of them includes the fish loaf. If you are in hurry and have no time for cooking, the fish loaf is the best choice for a quick snack. It seems to be very […]


Pineapple chicken

Succulent Pineapple chicken When you are very hungry, and cannot wait long for dinner, then I recommend you to cook Pineapple chicken. Such ingredients as chicken meat and canned pineapple blend in very well. It is not new, but a very delicious dish. By the way, it is a good way to impress your family, friends […]


Pork rib with sauce chili

Pork rib with sauce chili tastes very good, believe me. Pork ribs, comparing with the others  are the most delicate ribs. And, the chili sauce will be a great compliment to this dish. The succulent pork rib with sauce chili will please you by not only the good smell but also by the incredible taste. You may […]


Succulent Chicken steak

Tasty recipe of Succulent Chicken steak Sometimes one may want to feel like a chef in some wonderful restaurant and to cook an incredibly tasty dish. Then, it is very easy to do. Simple ingredients may be turned into a fantastic gastronomic ensemble, called Chicken steak. So, what to do? Go and cook!