Breakfast recipes

Breakfast recipes will make your day!

Food gives us strength, it boosts our spirits and gives us satisfaction. I mean the delicious one, of course. We can live without a lot of things. We could survive hard broke up with our lovers, we could survive tense work day and people`s judgement when you`ve made something wrong. But we cannot survive without food. No matter what happens, it is always around us and always attracts us. It really calms us down in difficult situations and cheers us up in the happy ones. Every morning we wake up  hoping to grab a bite to eat. And almost every time opening the refrigerator we face dissapointment. And breakfast is the first thing you need to do to keep your energy all day long. Do you want to know the best and the most delicious breakfast recipes? Follow me up and  find it out.

At first, it has to be light, but nutritious and healthful. Pay your attention to these yammy  breakfasts which will really make your day!

Belgian Waffles

Make Belgian Waffles in your house As you may guess, Belgian Waffles came from Belgium. But they became popular all over the world. We divide them into two types: Brussels and Liege. Brussels waffles have right – angled shape and they are mostly soft. They are served heated and you may often add such fruits […]


Crepes for adults and kids All the people all over the world are fond of the crepes. There are different kinds of the crepes: sweet, salty, spicy to name just a few. Actually, you may serve it with anything you like. All depends on your tastes and preferences. We offer you to make the sweet […]

Dietary pancakes

Start your day with tasty Dietary pancakes! Dietary pancakes are the dish number one in my list today. It is very healthy and nutritious. And it is the best choice for light breakfast. For this, we need right cousa squash and, of course, good mood. The recipe will help you with the rest. Enjoy!


Homemade pancakes Probably everyone loves pancakes. Many people order it in the cafes to a cup of coffee, and many prefer to cook it at home. In my opinion, the best way is to make it by yourself. We will share with you the recipe and show you how to make pancakes really tasty. The whole process will […]

Pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes for all tastes Pancakes are ancient, but very popular food. Even our ancestors cooked it and, in such a way, they started the “era” of the pancakes. American people are fond of it and eat it usually in the mornings, adding the various fillings based on their own preferences. It has also spread […]