Vegetarian dishes

Diversity of the vegetarian dishes

For the last few years, vegetarianism became popular worldwide in a number of key ways. Vegetarians steer clear of eating meat and other food which contains it. Also, some of them prefer not to eat the eggs, dairy products, and even honey. As you can see, it really might be helpful to know a few vegetarian recipes, as the list of the consumption products for such kind of people is limited. If you are vegetarian or you`are going to invite guests who are vegetarians, but don`t know how to impress him with a perfect dinner, you are on the right page. We offer you a wide range of vegetarian dishes that you and your friends may like. They vary from the lightest to the nutritious, from salty to sweet ones. All depends on your taste and preference.

So, hurry up to write down the tested and the most delicious ones!

Broccoli casserole

Tasty and nutritious Broccoli casserole People all over the world adore Broccoli casserole. Latvians make it of fish and potatoes. Greeks like it with tomatoes, minced meat, and aubergine. And Finlanders eat it with mushrooms and cabbage. African people call it Bobotie. By the way, they cook it with mutton and dry fruits. Today I […]

Crispy fried avocado

Satisfy your taste buds with crispy fried avocado! If you want to try something new, the recipe of the crispy fried avocado comes to the rescue. You can serve it at a festive table or a snack as well. It is quite easy for cooking, and very fast in eating. So, make sure you`ve made enough. Because […]

Garlic bread

Garlic bread for a little snack Bread has been the main product in every family circle. It can be served with butter and other ingredients so as to make the burger. Or we usually eat it with something sweet, for example, jam. Or we can use it to the different dishes, such as soups or […]

Vegetable lasagna

Enjoy an incredible vegetable lasagna! Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish. The manuscript of the 14 century has the very first recipe of the lasagna. It was found near from Naples. Unfortunately, the author is unknown. But, practically, it was the first ancient recipe book. According to the notes, people cooked lasagna in a different way. […]