Salads for pleasure, not only for a diet!

A salad is very healthy and profitable food. It is the best way to keep your shape and look slim and gorgeous.  That`s why a lot of qualified nutritionists advise their patients to eat more this nutritious food. People eat salads not only for the diet, but also for pleasure.  Very often salads serve as a decoration for the table on special occasions. They can be made with so many different ingredients, you may only wonder. Vegetables, fruits, plants, meat are the ones forming  salad recipes. Mix all this up and it will also be a salad. But, of course, there must be the right one to make it perfect.

We`ll guide you to the most popular and delicious receipts, the tastiest and simple in cooking ones. It`s all about  your taste and choice of the ingredients. Follow the recipes below and choose the right one. It`s all up to you!

Caesar salad

Caesar salad Caesar salad dates back to 1924. The day when the most famous salad appeared was the Independence Day of America according to the legend. Many people, including famous businessmen and other Hollywood stars, had gathered in the restaurant named Caesar`s Place in order to celebrate a special occasion. The table was served with the […]


Cobb salad

Cobb salad for you and your family Cobb salad is regarded as the classic dish of the American cuisine. Bob Cobb was the one who made up the recipe to this salad. He didn’t think that it would be such a popular dish among the Americans. And ,of course, he didn’t imagine people would approve it […]


Leon salad

An incredible taste of Leon salad French dishes don`t stop to impress us. The Leon salad with Paris mushrooms, quail eggs, and tomatoes will definitely be a great complement to any festive table. Or it can be a light but very delicious breakfast. All the ingredients make an incredible taste you will not forget.


Pineapple Chicken Salad

picture chicken pineapple salad

Crispy pineapple chicken salad to your attention! There are so many salad recipes containing  such an ingredient as chicken. However, one of the most popular ones remains pineapple chicken salad. It gains more popularity among women and girls, and often decorates their festive table during the celebrations. The salad will be also a perfect choice for people who love eating it […]