Main dishes

Classy and yammy main dishes

Do you want to cheer yourself up with an incredible meal after the hard working day? If yes, be ready to get acquinted with the classy and yammy main dishes! They may impress you with the variety of the fillings and spices, an untraditional cooking and the marvellous taste. Of course, each of the recipes has its own unique approach of the cooking.

Don`t hesitate and follow the recipes below.

Meat and potato pie

Meat and potato pie If you want to serve a splendid fellow dinner  or impeccable dinner party, the meat and potato pie will be a great dish to make. Pies tend to be sweet. But the meat and potato pie recipe puts off these thoughts.  It can also be nutritious and you may eat it […]


Shepherd`s pie

 Make Shepherd`s pie and enjoy your life! Shepherd`s pie is a traditional British dish. It`s basically made of the  minced meat and the potatoes which are laid on the meat. And, of course, we don`t forget about the spices. It can be carrots, onions, celery, and pumpkin. But, we will need  tomatoes and cheese, and fresh […]