You`ll be seduced by these desserts!

Every time you pass by a sweet store, you are seized by a strong desire to taste this sweet little piece of paradise, which seems to be looking right at you. The dessert with so tasty filling, so nice forms and pastry waits for you to come and to be taken. It almost seduced you, if not to mention the price. It really bites.  So you just keep on going your way with this pity sinking feeling.  But not this time! Today we offer you a wide range of the desserts recipes you would like to try. You can make it at home by yourself and even more tastier. It is cheaper and takes not much time to make.

There are some useful recipes for making a marvellous dessert. Each of them has its own pecularity and original taste. Don`t waste your time and be ready for jotting down the most desirable recipes.

Apple fritters

Delicious Apple fritters for the whole family! Spring is coming. It means that we need vitamins and energy boost. And the apple fritters are what we are looking for. The apple fritters recipe is very simple. They are cooked in a blink and in a blink they disappear from the plate. That`s why prepare a […]


Banana ice-cream

Delicious banana ice-cream For most people, the word “ice-cream” conjures up memories of summer, hot days. Ice-cream is the ultimate old fashioned treat. It is our childhood and happiness, in other words. Today, we have so many different ice cream flavors. Beginning from vanilla ice-cream to the bacon one. But, we will start with the […]


Cake “Paris Cocktail”

Set the table for “Paris Cocktail”! This time we send you our best from France and present you the recipe of one of the most delicious cakes – “Paris Cocktail”. You don`t need to spend all day in the kitchen. At least 1 hour and 30 minutes and the cake is done in the perfect way. […]


Chocolate mascarpone cookies

Chocolate mascarpone cookies Nowadays we observe a large number of the various cookies. They have different shapes and size, looks and, of course,  its unique taste. Chocolate mascarpone cookies may remind you oatmeal cookies, as they look very similar. But each of them has its own approach to the cooking. The chocolate mascarpone cookies are soft and very tasty. […]


Chocolate mousse

Enjoy the perfect chocolate mousse! Everybody seems to have their own ideas when it comes to adding the flavorings and even toppings. But the main ingredients in a chocolate mousse rarely change – chocolate, egg whites, and sugar. Some recipes also include the cream, butter or egg yolks. While some of us  prefer the taste […]


Chocolate Salami

Picture Chocolate Salami

Chocolate salami with “Snickers” How can salami be chocolate? Believe me, it can! Chocolate salami is a perfect home dessert for both children and adults. To make it, one may use shortcake (as main ingredient), adding to it some butter, sugar, milk, coco powder, nuts and other ingredients. By the way, this dessert resembles homemade potatoes […]


Chocolate wafers

These chocolate wafers make us happy The sweets and pastries cannot be neglected by the children and the young people, by the adults and the older people. They cheer us up and bring us unbelievable satisfaction. In some way, they really make us happy.  And, chocolate serves as a delicious complement to any pastry. For […]


Curd candies

Delicious Curd candies in 15 minutes! A curd is not only very nutritious food but also very tasty. You can use it in many different desserts, which will not harm your figure. And candies are very sweet and delicious. If to combine these two ingredients, you`ll have wonderful Curd candies. It is the best combination of […]


Frosting Brownies

Frosting Brownies If you have a sweet tooth and want to please yourself with some new tasty recipes, we will guide you right to the frosting brownies. Brownie is an American pie, which is very popular worldwide. The name of the pie is not accidental. Because of the large amount of the chocolate, it is […]