Mom`s soups are good, but these ones are great!

Probably everyone remembers the time when he neglected the spoon of the mom`s soup. It seemed to be the red flag flickering in front your eyes. Maybe a couple of the sliced carrots and potatoes hadn`t impressed you at all. And that hatred pea in an addition to it all. But now imagine a creamy corn soup with shrimps or the coconut soup. Are you surprised? Of course, soups are very healthy and nutritious. And good soups also are the delicious ones. Take a look at some unordinary, worth attention recipes! You`ll be impressed by the diversity of their content, unexpected taste and the nice appearance. They can be cold and hateful, light and copious, transparent and rich as well. Some of them are made of meat, some are vegetarian, some contain fresh fruits and berries. You can choose whatever your soul wishes and what your heart desires.

So follow me up and find out the most unique and delicious ones!

Corn soup

Tasty corn soup will remind you a childhood! Since childhood, everyone likes hot and tasty corn. There are a lot of corn recipes all over the world. And a corn soup is one of them. You may cook the corn soup not only of canned corn but also from the fresh one. And such vegetables as […]


Creamy corn soup with shrimps

Tasty creamy corn soup with shrimps Would you like to enrich your recipe book with the one more incredible receipt? It is just as well or even better than the others. Tasty creamy corn soup with shrimps will definitely impress you with the taste! At first, it is very fast in cooking. It will take […]



Pungent tomato soup Gazpacho Gazpacho soup is Spanish dish which is relating to Mediterranean cuisine. This soup recipe will vary your summer menu. There are several steps how to cook this delicious soup no worse than in fabulous restaurants. By the way, tomato soup Gazpacho is pungent and low in calories. That`s why it is […]


Light French soup

Light French soup tastes very good A simple formula of good soups is the combination of vegetables, herbs, spices, broth and, of course, love. Light French soup is a great example of flavored and vivid soups. If you do everything right, you`ll be very satisfied with the results. By the way, a carrot, onion, and […]