Tasty drinks for everyone!

When  summer is in full swing,  you can do nothing but only looking for a drop of water. But even this may not help. Then such drinks like smoothies, cocktails and shakes come to the rescue.  They are very popular nowadays.  In spite of the fact that this popularity refers mostly to the young people, older ones will definitely like it too. We present the vast number of tasty  and new smoothies and shakes that will quench your thirst right away. It will also bring you unforgettable satisfaction.

The recipes are very easy to remember and savory to drink. So be ready to do the honors of the table!

Cherry smoothie with grapefruit juice

Simple and fresh Cherry smoothie with grapefruit juice If you want to recharge your batteries and be full of energy all day long, then sweet Cherry smoothie comes to rescue. And grapefruit juice will be a nice complement to it. By the way, it is very healthy drink, as grapefruit juice is very rich on vitamin […]


Coffee milkshake

Enjoy fresh and cool Coffee milkshake! Summer. Hot. What can be better than fresh and cool Coffee milkshake in such weather? It will bring you to life. And the whole process of the cooking is very simple. You`ll need such ingredients as milk, ice cream, sugar, coffee and chocolate syrup. By the way, it takes […]


Pineapple – mango smoothie

Start your day with the pineapple – mango smoothie Smoothies have become increasingly popular worldwide since 1990. They are made only of the fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables. This is why they contain so many vitamins and are so healthy. You can always add a milk, honey, nuts and other ingredients into the drink, even […]


Smoothie with banana and avocado

 Fresh avocado-banana smoothie What could be tastier than the avocado-banana smoothie?  This drink isn`t only good and sweet, but also very healthy. As it is made only of the fresh fruits, it contains a lot of vitamins. So, we`ll stop talking about this much and get down right to the cooking! So the following recipe […]