Pasta and Pizza

Pasta and Pizza are your dolce vita

The Italian executive chefs had already presented us the most popular, widespread food named pizza. Probably everyone has tried it at least once in their entire life. Of course, there are plenty different recipes and ways of cooking it.  And you may try to make it by yourself. This doesn`t require many efforts, just the inspiration, the desire and the thought of the incredible taste. In our recipe, we cannot ignore the complement of this nice meal – pasta. Depending on your taste, the content of the pasta can vary. We`ll tell you how to cook the perfect pasta and pizza, which you can share with the family and friends of yours.

While following the instruction of the cooking, try to think about something very nice and pleasable, make it with love and enjoy the whole process. As a result, you`ll be  very satisfied!

Pasta Carbonara with bacon

Pasta Carbonara with bacon I remember my mother cooking pasta Carbonara, adding the bacon. I couldn`t pass by the kitchen without at least looking the whole process of the cooking. A stunning smell  was chasing me in every room.  Since then I have been cooking it myself every week. All my family adores this dish. I […]

Pasta Fettuccine with mushrooms

Fast way to cook pasta Fettuccine with mushrooms Do you want to cook something special tonight, but don`t know what exactly? Pasta Fettuccine with mushrooms will be the perfect choice to please your taste buds. Italian cuisine is famous for its incredible pasta dishes. And this pasta isn`t exception. 20 minutes and it is already done. […]

Potato pizza

 An extraordinary Potato pizza Potato pizza is an extraordinary pizza. But how it tastes! It is very simple in cooking and plus you may use the fillings of any kind. This dish will please your children, your lover, and your guests. I`m sure that everyone will love it. It`s time for culinary experiments!