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Apple fritters

Delicious Apple fritters for the whole family! Spring is coming. It means that we need vitamins and energy boost. And the apple fritters are what we are looking for. The apple fritters recipe is very simple. They are cooked in a blink and in a blink they disappear from the plate. That`s why prepare a […]


Banana ice-cream

Delicious banana ice-cream For most people, the word “ice-cream” conjures up memories of summer, hot days. Ice-cream is the ultimate old fashioned treat. It is our childhood and happiness, in other words. Today, we have so many different ice cream flavors. Beginning from vanilla ice-cream to the bacon one. But, we will start with the […]


Belgian Waffles

Make Belgian Waffles in your house As you may guess, Belgian Waffles came from Belgium. But they became popular all over the world. We divide them into two types: Brussels and Liege. Brussels waffles have right – angled shape and they are mostly soft. They are served heated and you may often add such fruits […]

Broccoli casserole

Tasty and nutritious Broccoli casserole People all over the world adore Broccoli casserole. Latvians make it of fish and potatoes. Greeks like it with tomatoes, minced meat, and aubergine. And Finlanders eat it with mushrooms and cabbage. African people call it Bobotie. By the way, they cook it with mutton and dry fruits. Today I […]

Caesar salad

Caesar salad Caesar salad dates back to 1924. The day when the most famous salad appeared was the Independence Day of America according to the legend. Many people, including famous businessmen and other Hollywood stars, had gathered in the restaurant named Caesar`s Place in order to celebrate a special occasion. The table was served with the […]


Cake “Paris Cocktail”

Set the table for “Paris Cocktail”! This time we send you our best from France and present you the recipe of one of the most delicious cakes – “Paris Cocktail”. You don`t need to spend all day in the kitchen. At least 1 hour and 30 minutes and the cake is done in the perfect way. […]


Californian salad

Californian salad with an incredible flavour At first view, everyone can make a salad. It seems to be very simple in cooking and very delicious in the tasting. Of course, you may choose a vast number of the ingredients you would like, beginning from the fruits and vegetables and ending with the meat and fish. The Californian salad, […]

Cherry smoothie with grapefruit juice

Simple and fresh Cherry smoothie with grapefruit juice If you want to recharge your batteries and be full of energy all day long, then sweet Cherry smoothie comes to rescue. And grapefruit juice will be a nice complement to it. By the way, it is very healthy drink, as grapefruit juice is very rich on vitamin […]