Crispy fried avocado

Serves 2 People
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Satisfy your taste buds with crispy fried avocado!

If you want to try something new, the recipe of the crispy fried avocado comes to the rescue. You can serve it at a festive table or a snack as well. It is quite easy for cooking, and very fast in eating. So, make sure you`ve made enough. Because nobody will miss a chance to try it.

Here there is a nice variant how to cook fried avocado. At least 15 minutes and you have the pieces in the crispy crusts, which you cannot ignore. You may add a crème fraîche – based sauce or a mayonnaise sauce with herbs, spices, and lime juice.


  • 2
  • 2
  • 5-6 branches
  • 4 Tablespoons
    Mayonnaise sauce


  1. Remove the outer skin and pits of two avocados. Сut it into big pieces – 1cm wide and 2-3 сm long.

  2. Put bread crumbs and some spices you like on the flat pan. It can be a pepper, salt and sugar a little bit. Then crack 2 eggs into a deep plate and mix it well.

  3. Put a stewpan with the butter over a medium heat and wait for 3 minutes until the butter gets warm. Take every piece of the avocado, coat it in the bread crumbs, then in eggs and in the bread crumbs again. Then put it immediately to the butter. It will take 1 minute on both sides. After that, place it on the paper towel to get rid of the spare butter.

  4. And the sauce. Cut the parsley, a half of the avocado and add a lime juice and mayonnaise sauce. Blend it all to the smoothness.


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