Chocolate mousse

Serves 8 People
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Enjoy the perfect chocolate mousse!

Everybody seems to have their own ideas when it comes to adding the flavorings and even toppings. But the main ingredients in a chocolate mousse rarely change – chocolate, egg whites, and sugar. Some recipes also include the cream, butter or egg yolks. While some of us  prefer the taste of the chocolate shining through the mousse, the addition of some liqueurs is also absolutely divine.  Chocolate mousse is very simple in cooking. One needs 30 minutes and it`s done. But remember, your mousse is only as good as your chocolate. Any recipe that has the main constituent chocolate, uses the best one. You can also add flavorings and toppings  you like the most. Enjoy easy and yummy dessert!


  • 125 Grams
  • 100 Grams
  • 300 Millilitres
    Pure cream
  • Vanilla to taste


  1. Break chocolate and chop mushmellow.

  2. Melt it and add some cream (3-4 tablespoons).

  3. Boil until smooth. Than add the rest of cream and mix for 3-5 minutes.

  4. Chill in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.


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